Committee Meeting change of day

Please note our monthly committee meetings will change to a Tuesday in future. IE: first Tuesday of every month instead of

Wednesday. Next meeting Tuesday 8th January at Fox & Hounds Scorrier.

Cornish Enduro Championship Results

CornishEC2018 (3)

Peter Hickman now 2 x TT Winner

I am sure you will all wish to join in our massive congratulations to Hicky

on his very successful trip to The Isle Of Man TT.

He is now the fastest road racer in the world.

Won the Senior TT with a new outright lap record of 135.452mph, won the Superstock TT with a new lap record of 134.4mph, a second and a third in the Supersport TT’s

All of us at CRMC and especially those of us who were lucky enough to meet him at our awards presentation

are delighted for him.

Huge well done mate from us all at CRMC



Hi Howard
>Disappointing to have to report but we have been broken in to over
night and our three trials bikes stolen including Aaron’s Beta 20XL –
he is going to be totally gutted.
>Can you put a note out within your area so if anybody is offered
anything they contact Gloucester Police.
>Beta 20XL highly modified, Rockshox front forks, hope brakes, Oset
upgraded wheels, I have fitted modified guards to the electrics and
modified the wiring so it is a one off but you know the bike well so it
has had a lot of hours spent on it.
>Two Montesa’s also gone
>2017 300RR modified with full set of Kelly Carbon guards, titanium
stand. Bike is data tagged
>2017 4RT 260 again with full set of Kelly Carbon guards engine guards
are silver carbon so stand out
>Awaiting police to come but whoever has taken them only wanted the
bikes as a lot of other things left and the bikes have been very
carefully removed from within our garage and were on our trailer so not
easy to get off.
>Don’t hold much hope of getting them back but if you can share within
your region it would be very much appreciated
>Kind Regards

Redruth Charity Trust Awards Night

Redruth Charity Trusts Donates £200k to Youth Sports PRESS RELEASE 27Apr18 (2)

Jan 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter (Vol 58 Iss 1) JAN 18

Cornish Enduro Champ 2017 Final Results

Cornish EC2017 (Final)

Best six rounds to count…..I only had to remove two scores, Jack Twentyman in Expert 35 and John Edwards in Super Vets. Nobody else managed to ride/score in every round. We must try harder, including myself. Awards to class winners only, to be presented at the Cornwall Center Dinner, date to be confirmed. Just need to get all the awards back from last year now! Cheers, Ross.

Just a little reminder that all club memberships are due in January for 2018