Oset Sat 27th April 2024 at United Downs Raceway

Camborne and Redruth Motor Club held the 4th round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at United Downs Raceway, StDay on Saturday 27th April. What a day, torrential rain all day until the finish, then the sun shone. A depleted entry with many top riders away at British Youth Championship round and we wish them well. Many congratulations to all who competed today and endured some of the worst conditions we have ever had and special thanks go to our brave observers standing in such conditions all day.
Experts. Jacob McCoan 26, Harrison Atkins 55.
Petrol Class. Charlie Harris 12, Riley Holloway 30, William Bloomfield 34, Jack Kilby 53.
Oset Hard Course.
Finley Wilson 40, Dexter Tripconey 49, Andrew Hancock 51, Charlie Riddell 91.
Medium Course by age.
11yrs George Smith 14, Charlie Abraham 22.
9yrs Henry Smith 37
8yrs Ethan Vanstone 37
Easy Course by age.
8yrs Archer Tripconey 5
7yrs Blake Charlesworth 20, Sam Noon 24, Edward Chumbley-Jasper 26, Alfie Hutchings 51.
5yrs Brody Vinnicombe 31, Freddie Riddell 48, Clayton Cannicott 65, Maddie Coad 84.
No photos this time and apologies for the weather to those that retired cold and wet.
Next Oset Trial Saturday 18th May at Burthy Row, Fraddon.

results challenge cup trial 2024

challenge cup 20240

Oset Trial Trebarrow Bugle Saturday 23rd March 2024

Camborne and Redruth MCheld the 3rd round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Champioship at Trebarrow, Bugle on Saturday 23rd March. 30 young riders took part and tackled 3 laps of 8 sections, all quite difficult after heavy rain all morning.
Experts. Samuel Millmore 30, Jacob McCoan 39, Harvey Sanders 41, George Turner 62, Harrison Atkins 79.
Petrol Class. Charlie Harris 45, Riley Holloway 50, Jack Kilby 70, William Bloomfield 74, Josh Dustow 96.
Oset Hard Course. Andrew Hancock 27, Kyle Bateman 29, Dexter Tripconey 64, Finley Wilson 72.
Medium Course by age.
11yrs George Smith 59, Charlie Abraham 84.
9yrs Cody Holoway 67
8yrs William Lewis 55, Jenson Daw 70, Ethan Vanstone 71.
6yrs. Bowie Sinkinson 78.
Easy Course by age.
8yrs Archer Tripconey 20
7yrs Blake Charlesworth 25, Sam Noon 38, Edward Chumbley Jasper 54.
5yrs Brody Vinnicombe 67, Austin Daw 74, Maddie Coad 75.
4yrs Freddie Pascoe 62.
Round 4 on 27th April at Gilbert’s Coombe, Redruth.

results Len James Trial 2024

len james trial 2024

Oset Burthy Row Sat 24th March 24

Camborne and Redruth MC held the 2nd round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship on Saturday 24th February at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon. Organisers knew full well that after weeks of prolonged heavy rain conditions would be difficult but decided to go ahead and give the kids a good day’s sport.

30 riders entered the trial with a couple of non starters and non finishers but the rest enjoyed 3 laps of 8 very muddy and slippery conditions, rear wheel were spinning up all day.

Experts. Samuel Millmore 42, Jacob McCoan 56, Harrison Atkins 96, George Turner 106.
Petrol Class.
Riley Holloway and Charlie Harris both 70, Jack Kilby 82, William Bloomfield 87.
Oset Hard Course.
Kyle Bateman 76, Andrew Hancock 95, Finley Wilson 99.
Medium Course by age.
11yrs George Smith 33, Charlie Abraham 66
9yrs Cody Holloway 52, Henry Smith 58.
8yrs Ethan Vanstone 53
6yrs Bowie Sinkinson 86.
Easy Course by age.
8yrs Archer Tripconey 40
7yrs Blake Charlesworth 76,
Edward Chumbley Jasper 80, Alfie Hutchings 88, Sam Noon 89, Hartley Bennett 99.
5yrs Brody Vinnicombe 76, Maddie Coad 87.
4yrs Freddie Pascoe 82.
Round 3 at Trebarrow, Bugle. Saturday 23rd March

results Charlie Lawer trial 2024

charlie lawer trial 2024

Oset Sat 27th Jan 2023 – United Downs Raceway

Camborne and Redruth MC held the first round of the 2024 Cornwall Oset Cup at United Downs Raceway, St Day on Saturday 27th January. 3 new young riders were welcomed, 7 yr Hartley Bennett, 5 yr Maddie Coad and 4 yr Freddie Pascoe. Riders tackled 3 laps of 8 sections in windy but fair conditions.
Experts. Samuel Millmore 3, Jacob McCoan 24, George Turner 27.
Petrol Class. Charlie Harris and Riley Holloway both 24, William Bloomfield 31, Jack Kilby 44.
Oset Hard Course.
Kyle Bateman 15, Finley Wilson 25, Dexter Tripconey 31, Andrew Hancock 32.
Medium Course by age.
11 yrs George Smith 19.
9 yrs Cody Holloway 38, Henry Smith 55
8 yrs Jenson Daw 30
5 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 33
Easy Course by age.
11 yrs Charlie Abraham 5.
8 yrs Archer Tripconey 6
7 yrs Blake Charlesworth 17, Hartley Bennett 39, Alfie Hutchings 44
5 yrs Brody Vinnicombe 38, Madrid Coad 80.
4 yrs Freddie Pascoe 66.
Round 2 at Burthy Row, Fraddon 24th February.

prov results Colin Dommett trial 2024

colin dommett trial 2024

results ray wilcox christmas trial 2023

ray wilcox christmas trial 2023

Oset sat 30th Dec 2023 Garker

Camborne and Redruth MC held the final round of the Summer/Autumn Oset Cup & Youth Championship at Garker Woods, St Austell on Saturday 30th December. Post Xmas sickness hit some of our regular riders and we wish them a speedy recovery. 24 did tackle 3 laps of 8 sections and the weather Gods looked on us favourably as it stayed dry until we finished at 3.16pm and then hammered down. Two stars of the day were Expert, Samuel Millmore to lose just 9 marks and Oset Hard Course rider, Kyle Bateman just 15 marks.



Results- 1st 3 places only.
Samuel Millmore 9, George Turner 30, Harrison Atkins 65.
Petrol Class.
Charlie Harris 22, Riley Holloway 31, Jack Kilby 36.
Oset Hard Course.
Kyle Bateman 15, Charlie Riddell 29, Finley Wilson 45.
Medium Course by age.
11yrs George Smith
9 yrs Cody Holloway 26, Henry Smith 51.
7 yrs William Lewis 16.
Easy Course by age
10yrs Charlie Abraham 30
7yrs Ethan Vanstone 22, Edward Chumbley Jasper 74.
6yrs Blake Charlesworth 44, Alfie Hutchings 74
5yrs Bowie Sinkinson 21.
4yrs Freddie Riddell 74.
2024 Championship starts on 27th January