challenge cup results 2022

Oset Colwith Farm Sat 29th October 2022

Camborne and Redruth MC held the 4th round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Colwith Farm, Par on Saturday 29th October. 28 riders tackled three laps of eight sections all comprising of slippery muddy climbs on either side of the wooded valley. Many regular riders were absent on half term holidays and plans already in hand to avoid school hols in 2023. Those riding today had great time especially with an approved ACU Training Session beforehand.
Expert. Samuel Millmore 39.
Petrol Class: Harrison Atkins 7, Harvey Sanders 10, Jacob McCoan 39, Edward Bushell 56, Charlie Harris 59.
Oset Hard Course. Josh Dustow 16, William Bloomfield 26, Jack Kilby 30, Andrew Hancock 34.
Medium Course by age:
10yrs George Smith 47
7yrs Kyle Bateman 14, Riley Wales 24 Chsrlie Riddell 28, Jasper Gelpy Smith 40.
6yrs Finley Wilson 62, William Lewis 74.
Easy Course by age:
8yrs Henry Smith 12
6yrs Jenson Daw 27, Edward Chumbley Jasper 54, Charlie Tierney 74
4yrs Bowie Sinkinson 44, Brody Vinnicombe and Olivia McCoan both 97, Bobby Wales 125.

Oset United Downs Raceway Saturday 24th Sept 22

Camborne and Redruth MC held the third round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at United Downs Raceway on Saturday 24th September. 30 riders tackled three laps of eight sections in dry and sunny conditions.
Petrol Class. Harrison Atkins 21, Jacob McCoan 28, Harvey Sanders 33, Charlie Harris 69.
Oset Hard Course. Josh Dustow 24, Andrew Hancock 33, Charlotte Dustow 70.
Oset 24 Course. Jack Kilby 19, William Bloomfield 22, Dexter Tripconey 24, Isabel Polkinghorne 30.
Medium Course by age.
10yrs George Smith 1.
8 yrs Cody Holloway 0
7 yrs Charlie Riddell 0, Kyle Bateman 5, Jasper Gelpy Smith 9, Riley Wales 10.
6 yrs William Lewis and Finley Wilson both 11.
Easy Course by age.
8 yrs Henry Smith 11, Idris Chapman 22.
6 yrs. Archer Tripconey and Rupert Sheppard both 29, Jenson Daw 31, Charlie Tierney 79.
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 35, Bobby Wales 81.

Anniversary trial results

anniversary trial 2022

Oset Burthy Row Saturday 3rd September

Camborne and Redruth MC held the second round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon on Saturday 3rd September.

27 riders tackled 3 laps of 8 sections in intermittent weather and the odd downpour but all survived and the rain didn’t make much impact on the fairly dry ground.


Experts. Samuel Millmore 57
Petrol Class. Harvey Sanders 25, Jacob McCoan 43, Riley Holloway 46, Harrison Atkins 58.
Oset Hard Course. George Turner 13, Charlie Harris 63.
Medium Course by age.
13yrs Isabel Polkinghorne 51
10 yrs -A route .Jack Kilby 34, Dexter Tripconey 35, William Bloomfield 42.
10yrs -B route. Andrew Hancock 27.
8yrs Charlotte Dustow 11, Cody Holloway 21
7 yrs Josh Dustow 5, Charlie Riddell 6, Kyle Bateman 14.
6yrs Finley Wilson 22, William Lewis 29
Easy Course by age.
8yrs Idris Chapman 23
6yrs Archer Tripconey 17, Rupert Sheppard 20, Edward Chumbley Jasper 58.
4yrs Bowie Sinkinson 18, Olivia McCoan 83.
Round 3 will be on 24th September at United Downs Raceway.

Oset Burthy Row Fraddon Sunday 24th July 2022

Camborne and Redruth MC held the first round of the Cornwall Oset Cup on Sunday 24th July at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon. With Cornwall’s youth Experts and Oset Hard Course riders away at the British Youth Championships there was no Expert Class or Oset Hard Course. But the day did draw some close competition as the following results show.
Petrol Class, Harvey Sanders 24, Harrison Atkins 28, Ashley Julian 50, Edward Bushell 53, Riley Holloway 55.
Medium Course by age.
13 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne.
10 yrs Jack Kilby 9, Dexter Tripconey 12 and William Bloomfield 12, George Smith 17.
8 yrs Charlie Harris 10
7 yrs Riley Wales 5, Charlie Riddell 17
6 yrs William Lewis 8, Finley Wilson 19.
Easy Course by age.
8 yrs Cody Holloway 7, Henry Smith 9, Idris Chapman 24.
6 yrs Archer Tripconey 8, Zander Trewin 33, Edward Chumbley Jasper 62.
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 22. In


Oset Bugle on Saturday 25th June

The Camborne and Redruth MC held the final round of the Wintervand Spring Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Trebarrow, Bugle on Saturday 25th June. 30 riders tackled 3 laps of 10 sections dodging downpours followed by baking sunshine and more downpours.
Experts Johnathan Hancock 5, Jowan Powell 27, Simon Millmore 55.
Petrol Class. Harrison Atkins 35, Tom Powell 49, Harvey Sanders 60, Jacob McCoan 77
Oset Hard Course. Riley Hollowsy 36.
Medium Course by age.
10 yrs Dexter Tripconey 74
9 yrs Andrew Hancock 48, Jack Kilby 56, George Smith 66, William Bloomfield 92.
8 yrs Charlie Harris 48
7 yrs Charlotte Dustow 60
6 yrs Josh Dustow 37, Riley Wales 56, Charlie Riddell 66, Kyle Bateman 67
Easy Course by age.
7 yrs Cody Holloway 24, Henry Smith 56.
6 yrs William Lewis 10, Jenson Daw 62, Archer Tripconey 69
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 86.
Championship Winners.
Expert. Johnathan Hancock
Petrol Class. Harrison Atkins
OSET Hard Course. Samuel Millmore.
Medium Course by age.
13yrs Isabel Polkinghorne
11yrs Luka Boehm
10yrs Dexter Tripconey
9 yrs Jack Kilby
8 yrs Charlie Harris
7 yrs Charlotte Dustow
6 yrs Josh Dustow
Easy Course by age.
8 yrs Idris Chapman
7 yrs Cody Holloway
6 yrs William Lewis
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson


fathers day trial june 19th 2022

Oset Garker 28th May 2022

The Camborne and Redruth MC held the 5th Round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Chpionship at Garker Woods, St Austell on Saturday 28th May. Organisers failed to recognise this scheduled dat clashed with half term and the extended Jubilee Bank Holidays such that many regular riders were away on holiday and CRMC apologises for those who missed this event. Nevertheless 28 riders did line up to tackle 10 sections over three laps in great sunshine and dry conditions.
Experts :Johnathan Hancock 28, Jowan Powell 41.
Petrol Class: Tom Powell 41, Harrison Atkins 55.
Oset Hard Course: Samuel Millmore 42, George Turner 67, Riley Holloway 80.
Medium Course by age.
13 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne 79
11 yrs Luka Boehm 50
10 yrs Billy Tappin 49
9 yrs Jack Kilby 33, George Smith 73
8 yrs Charlie Harris 22
7 yrs Charlotte Dustow 68
6 yrs Josh Dustow 24
Charlie Riddell and Kyle Bateman both 39, Riley Wales 46 , Jasper Gelpy Smith 85.
Easy Course by age.
8 yrs Idris Chapman 81
7 yrs Cody Holloway 23, Henry Smith 49
6 yrs William Lewis 36, Tully Gleave 47, Jenson Daw 93
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 126.
Round 6 and final for this Championship is on 25th June at Trebarrow, Bugle

Results April Oset Trial

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