Hare & Hounds 13.5.18 Statement


‘Clijah Farm Hare and Hounds 13th May. Statement from Clerk of the
Course, Howard Stevens.
Oliver Lawer, rider number 34 was credited by Track Times UK as the
overall winner of the 3 hour Hare and Hounds Event. Concerns were
raised after the event that Oliver had changed his bike during the
event and affixed his transponder to the replacement bike. This is not
permitted. I was contacted after the event by Oliver and his father
Jason Lawer to tell me what had happened. Jason was not present at the
change and unaware until they returned home and then fully explained
the circumstances to me. I am satisfied that this was solely an
exuberance of youth from a young rider not fully aware of the
restrictions and implications a change of bike can make. Oliver has
sincerely apologised and will return the trophy and accepts he will be
excluded from today’s results. I am satisfied this is appropriate and I
will be taking no further action. The trophy will now be presented to
next place man, Max Dimment.
Howard Stevens. Clerk of Course. 13.5.18

In the light of Ollie’s exclusion other riders have come forward to confess to

bike swapping and asked to be removed from the results also,

namely: Tony Penhaligon, John Gotts & Gary McCoy.

Therefore no further action required.
Howard Stevens. Clerk of Course. 14.5.18

As soon as we have an amended set of results we will publish
the link again.