Oset 29th April Gilberts Coombe

The Camborne and Redruth MC held the fourth round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Gilberts Coombe, Redruth on Saturday 29th April. 26 young riders tackled three laps of 10 sections in mainly sunny conditions. Apologies to those unable to enter due to a fault with the online entry system we will see you on 20th May and online working OK.

Experts. Harvey Sanders 18, Samuel Millmore 21, Jacob McCoan 50, George Turner 88.
Petrol Class.
William Bloomfield 8, Harrison Atkins 12, Riley Holloway 24, Charlie Harris 48.
Oset Hard Course.
Josh Dustow 13, Andrew Hancock 54, Kyle Bateman 55, Charlotte Dustow 69, Dexter Tripconey 72, Charlie Riddell 106.
Medium Course – by age.
8yrs Cody Holloway 56
7yrs Jasper Gelpy Smith 50, William Lewis 51, Jenson Daw 79.
Easy Course – by age.
7yrs Archer Tripconey 12, Tully Gleave 14.
6yrs Alfie Hutchings 72.
4yrs Bowie Sinkinson 21, Brody Vinnicombe 108, Freddie Riddell 111.
Round 5 at Burthy Row on 20th May.