Oset Burthy Row Fraddon Sunday 24th July 2022

Camborne and Redruth MC held the first round of the Cornwall Oset Cup on Sunday 24th July at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon. With Cornwall’s youth Experts and Oset Hard Course riders away at the British Youth Championships there was no Expert Class or Oset Hard Course. But the day did draw some close competition as the following results show.
Petrol Class, Harvey Sanders 24, Harrison Atkins 28, Ashley Julian 50, Edward Bushell 53, Riley Holloway 55.
Medium Course by age.
13 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne.
10 yrs Jack Kilby 9, Dexter Tripconey 12 and William Bloomfield 12, George Smith 17.
8 yrs Charlie Harris 10
7 yrs Riley Wales 5, Charlie Riddell 17
6 yrs William Lewis 8, Finley Wilson 19.
Easy Course by age.
8 yrs Cody Holloway 7, Henry Smith 9, Idris Chapman 24.
6 yrs Archer Tripconey 8, Zander Trewin 33, Edward Chumbley Jasper 62.
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 22. In