Oset Trial Trebarrow Bugle Saturday 23rd March 2024

Camborne and Redruth MCheld the 3rd round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Champioship at Trebarrow, Bugle on Saturday 23rd March. 30 young riders took part and tackled 3 laps of 8 sections, all quite difficult after heavy rain all morning.
Experts. Samuel Millmore 30, Jacob McCoan 39, Harvey Sanders 41, George Turner 62, Harrison Atkins 79.
Petrol Class. Charlie Harris 45, Riley Holloway 50, Jack Kilby 70, William Bloomfield 74, Josh Dustow 96.
Oset Hard Course. Andrew Hancock 27, Kyle Bateman 29, Dexter Tripconey 64, Finley Wilson 72.
Medium Course by age.
11yrs George Smith 59, Charlie Abraham 84.
9yrs Cody Holoway 67
8yrs William Lewis 55, Jenson Daw 70, Ethan Vanstone 71.
6yrs. Bowie Sinkinson 78.
Easy Course by age.
8yrs Archer Tripconey 20
7yrs Blake Charlesworth 25, Sam Noon 38, Edward Chumbley Jasper 54.
5yrs Brody Vinnicombe 67, Austin Daw 74, Maddie Coad 75.
4yrs Freddie Pascoe 62.
Round 4 on 27th April at Gilbert’s Coombe, Redruth.