Hi Howard
>Disappointing to have to report but we have been broken in to over
night and our three trials bikes stolen including Aaron’s Beta 20XL –
he is going to be totally gutted.
>Can you put a note out within your area so if anybody is offered
anything they contact Gloucester Police.
>Beta 20XL highly modified, Rockshox front forks, hope brakes, Oset
upgraded wheels, I have fitted modified guards to the electrics and
modified the wiring so it is a one off but you know the bike well so it
has had a lot of hours spent on it.
>Two Montesa’s also gone
>2017 300RR modified with full set of Kelly Carbon guards, titanium
stand. Bike is data tagged
>2017 4RT 260 again with full set of Kelly Carbon guards engine guards
are silver carbon so stand out
>Awaiting police to come but whoever has taken them only wanted the
bikes as a lot of other things left and the bikes have been very
carefully removed from within our garage and were on our trailer so not
easy to get off.
>Don’t hold much hope of getting them back but if you can share within
your region it would be very much appreciated
>Kind Regards