John Julian Charity Oset Trial Sat 9th Dec 23

Camborne and Redruth Motor Club held the annual John Julian Oset and Youth Team Trial at Burthy Row, Fraddon on Saturday 9th December.

Entry fees and raffles on the day raised a very respectable £835 for the Children’s Hospice. Six teams of 5 riders comprising of a rider from each class of expert, petrol class, Oset hard , Oset medium and Oset easy tacled 3 laps of 8 sections in very wet and muddy conditions. The top three teams were.
1st Team ‘Johnathan’ with 290 marks and riders Johnathan Hancock, George Turner, Andrew Hancock, Henry Smith plus average score of Easy Oset Course due to sickness.
2nd place, Team ‘William’ with 296 marks, with riders, Finlay Rule, William Bloomfield, Finley Wilson, Jenson Daw and Blake Charlesworth.
3rd place, Team ‘Jacob’ with 310 marks, riders Jacob McCoan, Charlie Harris, William Lewis,Charlotte Clark and average of Oset Hard course due to sickness.
A good day in difficult conditions with some teams depleted due to sickness but average scores included as appropriate.
Well done to all involved and thank you for supporting this great charity Trial in memory of the late landowner John Julian.

Oset Saturday 25th November at St Day Raceway

Camborne and Redruth Motor Club held the penultimate round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship on Saturday 25th November at the United Downs Raceway, St Day. A fine and dry day attracted 30 young riders who tackled 3 laps of 8 sections of various severity, some steep muddy climbs others included loose rocks over mine waste.



All had a great day with some spirited rides.
Experts. Samuel Millmore 43, George Turner 68, Harrison Atkins 77.
Petrol Class:
William Bloomfield 41, Charlie Harris 60, Riley Holloway 63, Jack Kilby 69.
Oset Hard Course:
Kyle Bateman 56, Andrew Hancock 58, Charlie Riddell 64, Finley Wilson 68, Jasper Gelpy Smith 69.
Medium Course by age :
11 yrs George Smith 6
9 yes Cody Holloway 28, Henry Smith 32
7yrs William Lewis 11, Jenson Daw 17.
Easy Course by age :
8 yrs Evelyn Joyce 72
7 yrs Archer Tripconey 15
6 yrs Blake Charlesworth 31,
Alfie Hutchings 60
5 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 6, Brody Vinnicombe 35
4 yrs Freddie Riddell 54.
Final round on 30th December at Garker. St.Austell.

Oset Saturday 21st October 24 Colwith Farm

Camborne and Redruth Motor Club held the 3rd round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Colwith Farm, Par on Saturday 21st October. Heavy rain most of the day made the going hard but 23 young riders braved the elements. No less than 9 regular riders were away enjoying half term holidays but will be there next time. The trial consisted of 8 sections either muddy climbs or river sections to be tacled over three laps.

Experts. Samuel Millmore 18, Jacob McCoan 48.
Petrol Class. William Bloomfield 26, Charlie Harris 49, Riley Holloway 51, Josh Dustow 57, Jack Kilby 76.
Oset Hard Course. Andrew Hancock 52, Charlie Riddell 80, Jasper Gelpy Smith 81.
Medium Course, by age.
11yrs George Smith 19
9yrs Cody Holloway 31, Henry Smith 64.
7yrs Jenson Daw 55
Easy Course, by age.
9yrs Charlotte Clark 40
7yrs Ethan Vanstone 16, Edward Chumbley Jasper 54.
6yrs Blake Charlesworth Charlesworth 19, Alfie Hutchings 73.
5yrs Bowie Sinkinson 29, Brody Vinnicombe 83
4yrs Freddie Riddell 83.
Round 4 on 25th November at United Downs Raceway.


michael roberts trial 2023

Oset United Downs Sat 30th

Camborne and Redruth Motor Club held the 2nd round of the Cornwall Oset and Youth Trials Championship at The United Downs Raceway on Saturday 30th September. 28 riders took part, competing over three laps of eight sections in dry and sunny conditions. The dry conditions allowed organisers to introduce some new sections which previously have been waterlogged. The new sections comprised of some steep climbs up and down earth banks which proved very popular with the young riders. There was some close competition today, Experts Jacob McCoan and Harrison Atkins both tied in 3rd place on 56 marks each. Charlie Harris pipped Riley Holloway by just one mark in the Petrol Class decided at Section 8 where Harris remained clean and Holloway lost 3. The Oset Hard Course also saw Charlie Riddell and Dexter Tripconey battle it out for 2nd place with Riddell the victor by a single mark all decided at Section 3 where Riddell lost 11 marks and Tripconey lost 12. 5 year old Bowie Sinkinson showed he was a force to be reckoned with as overall winner on the Easy Course with a loss of 6 marks.
Experts: Samuel Millmore 11 marks, Harvey Sanders 28, Jacob McCoan and Harrison Atkins both 56,
George Turner 61.
Petrol Class : Charlie Harris 7, Riley Holloway 8, William Bloomfield16, Jack Kilby 33, Edward Bushell 80

Oset Hard Course: Finley Wilson 12, Charlie Riddell 24, Dexter Tripconey 25, Andrew Hancock 31,
Jasper Gelpy-Smith 34
Medium Course by age:
11 yrs George Smith 22
9 yrs Henry Smith 35, Cody Holloway 80
8 yrs Tully Gleave 36
7 yrs William Lewis 14, Jenson Daw 21

Easy Course by age:
9 yrs Charlotte Clark 19
7 yrs Ethan Vanstone 8
6 yrs Blake Charlesworth 22, Alfie Hutchings 63
5 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 6 Brody Vinnicombe 83
4 yrs Freddie Riddell 76

Round 3 will be at Colwith Farm, Par on Saturday 21st October.

Anniversary trial 2023 results


results Anniversary trial 2023


Oset Sunday 16th July Gilberts Coombe

The Camborne and Redruth MC held the 1st round of the Cornwall Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Gilberts Coombe on Sunday 16th July. Organisers hoped this would not clash with holidays or A30 traffic disruptions but both shed a part and reduced normal numbers. Heavy cloudburst delayed the start making sections extra hard.

Expert. Harrison Atkins 52
Petrol Class. William Bloomfield 10, Charlie Harris 19, Jack Kilby 69
Oset Hard Course. Josh Dustow 28, Dexter Tripconey 62, Charlie Riddell 65.
Medium Course by age.
11yrs George Smith
9yrs Henry Smith
8yrs Tully Gleave
7yrs William Lewis.
Easy Course by age.
7yrs Ethan Vanstone 36, Archer Tripconey 40.
6yrs Alfie Hutchings 93, Blake Charlesworth 116.
5yrs Bowie Sinkinson 49.
Next round 30th September but Osets and Youths and Dad’s and Lads welcome at next CRMC Trial 10th September.

Oset Trebarrow Bugle Saturday 24th June 2023

The Camborne and Redruth MC held the final round of the Winter and Spring Oset Cup and Youth Championship at Trebarrow, Bugle on Saturday 24th June. Slightly reduced entry due to holiday commitments and school camps but 23 riders tackled 3 laps of 10 sections in baking sunshine. Organisers stepped up a notch and every section was either completely new or much revamped. Marks were lost and scores high.

Harver Sanders 41, Samuel Millmore 51, Jacob McCoan 71, Harrison Atkins 120.
Petrol Class.
Charlie Harris 69, Riley Holloway 79, Jack Kilby 98, William Bloomfield 104.
Oset Hard Course.
Josh Dustow 60, Kyle Bateman 93, Dexter Tripconey 104, Finley Wilson 121.
Medium Course by age.
10yrs George Smith 53
8yrs Cody Holloway 84, Henry Smith 100.
7yrs Jenson Daw 98, William Lewis 100.
Easy Course by age.
7yrs Ethan Vanstone 16, Archer Tripconey 21.
6yrs Blake Charlesworth 84.
4yrs Bowie Sinkinson 39.

Championship Positions.
Expert. 1st Samuel Millmore, 2nd Jacob McCoan, 3rd Harvey Sanders.
Petrol Class. 1st jointly William Bloomfield and Harrison Atkins. 2nd Riley Holloway, 3rd Charlie Harris.
Oset Hsrd Course.
1st Josh Dustow, 2nd Kyle Bateman, 3rd jointly Dexter Tripconey and Andrew Hancock.
Medium Course by age
10yrs George Smith
8yrs 1st Cody Holloway, 2nd Henry Smith.
7yrs 1st jointly William Lewis and Jasper Gelpy Smith. 2nd Jenson Daw.
Easy Course by age
7yrs 1st Archer Tripconey, 2nd Ethan Vanstone.
6yrs 1st Edward Chumbley Jasper, 2nd Alfie Hutchings.
4yrs 1st Bowie Sinkinson, 2nd Brody Vinnicome.
Summer and Autumn series starts on 16th July.